Need More Twitter Followers And You Want Them CHEAP?!

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is an online sociable networking discussion board. The website was officially launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. Twitter users can either send or read short messages ( no more than 140characters) and upload pictures/videos and all sorts of audio-visual content including web links.

It is a very engaging and entertaining medium that has attracted fans from worldwide in huge figures.

The message published on Twitter by its authorized members is called tweet. Unregistered users can only read tweets but not send it whereas authorized ones can send and read.

Retweet, which means to share a tweet with your fans, is a highly productive feature of Twitter . Through Retweets you can simply and rapidly share any news piece or information to a wide quantity of users with just one click.

Another useful feature is Favorites, which immediately labels your offered service/product as worthy and likeable of public acceptance. Also, you can follow or un-follow users on Twitter with just one click easily. Thus, Twitter is filled with exclusive services and amazing features for improving an user’s communication and marketing experience.